Low Carb & Keto Diet Tracker PRO by Carb Manager App Reviews

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Easy to use

Great highlights of the day and easy to use.

I love this App! :)

Im so thankful I found this app....its incredibly easy to use and helps me so much on my weight loss journey! I love the bar code feature that allows me to scan items at the grocery store to find out their carb rating, as well as the graph that shows me my progress. This is my very favorite App on my phone!

Just Simply AWESOME!!!!

By far one of the best apps on the market if you are on the ketosis diet or similar diet, or simply trying to monitor your carb intake along with other Nutritional Facts. The best feature is the scanning for food. Makes it much easier to input all the facts. If you dont at least try this app youre certainly hurting yourself.

So far so good!

Only been using the app for a few days but so far its doing exactly what I need it to do.

Best Ive Seen

Ive used too many nutrition counters to count over the years and this is the best by far. I especially appreciate its focus on low-carb dieting and ease of data entry.

Great App

Awesome for keeping you in track!

This was a waste of money

You an get pass the adding the water intake. Plus all it wants you to do is by the premium membership. Do not buy this worthless app

Great app

Would give the app 5 stars! But I would like to be able to record blood glucose and weight inside the app. An exercise option would be an added bonus. The app as it stands has helped me immeasurably. Thank you so much.

Makes tracking carbs EASY

Love this app! I think its the easiest to use for tracking carbs. I can always easily find my foods to add to my daily total.


Love this app! I can set my own nutrient goals and it tracks them for me. The easy to read graph shows me what is in each food I track and my overall for the day. With the barcode scanner and food library I can find 95% of the foods I eat and setting the to my favorites list makes adding my meals a breeze. It even keeps track of the water I drink and my exercise so I can easily tell if Im hitting my caloric goals I have recommended this app to friends and family and they love it. Money well spent!


Good app. Easy to use and I found it very effective to lower carb consumption. I wish it would accept food with multiple ingredients.

Has helped me so much

I am on the keto diet I changed to it for my health and It has improved so very much and this app has helped me so very much it shows me where I am at so I dont have to guess it has helped keep me on track I absolutely love this app


Excellent and easy to use app. Helped me start and keep a ketogenic diet and stay on track each day.

Easy to use!

I have lost 16 pounds just by tracking my carbs with Carb Manager! Of all the ones I have tried, this app is easiest to use! Keep adding more restaurant and store items, please. Also like the exercise tracking feature.

Nice variety of features

Between the scanner, name brand product listing and the generic listing I can almost always find the foods I am about to eat and reasonable options of portion sizes to log. This good information allows me to make better decisions about my choices. I like that the charts allow you to set targets and them visually represent your progress.

Best app.

I love this app, it does exactly what its supposed to, no problems! Great visuals!! Wouldnt use any other app for my logging.

Awesome and super easy

Super fast to input foods, its simple showing my macros and what I need to know. Im using it for the ketogenic diet and it works so well!


Ive been using this app to help me track my numbers for Keto and its fantastic

Carb Manager

Love this app. Tracks my macros and weight. Use it several times daily. Worth every penny.

Good for tracking net carbs

I use this app and my fitness pal. While I generally like this app bc it has almost all food and makes it easy to track carbs it could stand for improvements. Like my fitness pal you can copy foods to the next day but they dont all carry over and I wish I could enter a recipe and have a breakdown generated for the meal.

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