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Im new in the Ketodiet and, believe me, the app is essential for any beginner!! Its the best way to control and to make your daily plan!

Ok app

I wish it had a barcode scanner and the option to put in ounces, like for an example,milk. It would make my life just a little bit easier. Unless its there and I cant see it.. ;) lol..

A life saver (literally )

As a newly diagnosed diabetic this app is really helping.

Good App

Overall a good app, very handy for Atkins!!

Ok app!

Would love to see a 1/2 cup measurement or more options for choosing portions


Very informative. Just wish that the frequently views items were in alphabetical order. Would up rate to 5 if this could be made to happen!

Love it

Use it everyday. Its a great tool to keep track of what you eat thru out day. Sometimes takes awhile to enter everything in.. Upside, Ive lost 3 pounds in a week

iPod version beats iPad

Really enjoying using this app - a real improvement over the iPad version. Still room some for improvement though - including percentages in the pie graph would be good, under the calendar log view compare net carbs against net carbs target rather than total carbs, enable foods logged in the past to be logged to another day, and employ a better search engine. Overall though, it works like charm.

Not bad

Adding data takes too many taps at this point, but it does the job. One huge annoyance is trying to roll the serving size on my 4S. Perhaps its been modified for the i5 new size.

Not at all happy with the food search. This app really needs to link up with a food product database to be of any real use to the average person. Unless you are portioning and cooking EVERYTHING you eat this sol will not be of any real use to you.

Great Idea, Horrible Execution

I do love this app and what it brings with it. However, I agree with many of the comments above - there are definitely ways to improve it. How about the fact that after the first four days, the weight graph stays at 181lbs no matter no matter what I enter per day. Two weeks in and it still says 181. Even tried deleting entries, but that day still says 181. Unbelievably useless. Then there are these: 1) This should have a database just like similar apps where I can actually punch in McDonalds double cheeseburger or Kirkland bacon bits. 2) The database that you have should be updated and broadened. There are so many foods that are not even listed. For instance: GoJi Berries. No list whatsoever. Bacon bits of any kind. Not listed. 3) There needs to be a way you can add and track water consumption (on a graph). This is very important for any daily nutrition diary. 4) There needs to be a way that you can add physical exercise and/or activities and track those on a graph. This is essential as it completely changes net caloric consumption. 5) As mentioned above, once a food is added in the custom realm, it should appear with the regular food items and should be "favoritable". 6) There should be a way that you can input vitamin and mineral supplements that is easier than just manually. 7) There should be a way that you can export graphical reports that highlight which vitamins and minerals you are struggling to maintain, etc. 8) If you click on the info button for the daily log, the numbers that come up are obviously incorrect. By a lot. Unless I am indeed consuming 46 kg of fat in a day. 9) Overall, a great app and a great concept, but far too many clicks, far too time-consuming, and not anywhere near comprehensive enough. If the app makers dont improve upon this, their competition will.

Its ok, not great

Ive used this for 2weeks and I like it better than the others that Ive tried, but its not what I envision the app should be. I cant get the graph to work and the calendar option doesnt work. I think previous versions would show you a red dot if you went over.

Self employed

Ive lost six pounds in six weeks! So it is working for me. I like the app a lot and recommend to others.

Good app worth getting

I like the ability to add specific foods not on the list. My only gripe is there should be an ability to duplicate what youve eaten for a previous day and then modify it - I would use the app much more often if it had this feature. Thanks!


One of my apps. I use it the most.

I like it

Most foods I look up are in the search. I mostly use my favourite list now. Other times i add something from the carb count on the food label. Its easy bWhen I use the app to count carbs I stay on track and when I think Im okay on my own now I know carb counts, I get off track. Highly recommend. Have lost 28 pounds so far.

Solid App

Really like the app. Keeps me on track and gives me a real visual of my daily carb intake. However, I dont like the change to the graph. Liked the old graph visual better.

Carb manager

This is a great app. If youre trying to watch your carbs, its ideal. Ive been using it for about a month now and its very easy to use and helps keep carb counting on track as well as calories etc. Melissa Brown

Excellent app

>>I find this app to be a very comprehensive and practical tool for carb tracking. I have been doing Atkins off and on since 1974 with my ex-wife determining what I should eat. Since I have been doing it myself, I have been unsure as to how many carbs I am getting. Now I know each day to the gram in a convenient way. >>Update on latest version: Ive always loved this app (5-stars from the start) and the new version is an improvement. I approve of the new look and the speed-up of loading the custom foods. There may be other advances I havent discovered as yet, as I am really just beginning to use it. Bravo! >>I have now removed 1 star because In previous versions of Carb Manager when I added a custom food it was accessible from the general food list search. Now it seems I have to search custom list to find custom foods, meaning I must remember which list item is on and then go through the more involved custom search. Was this an oversight which will be corrected soon? I for one hope so.

Absolutely Fantastic App

Downloaded this on my iPad. It is a simple to use app that logs everything you could possibly want to. I went Pro and it was worth every cent! Downloaded on my iPhone and have to wait for the update to be able to sync. No worries! The support staff are very good. I would recommend this app for anyone on the Jorge Cruise 100.

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